Friday, 15 March 2013


Dear bloggers! Earlier today I said I would post a few pictures of my trip to Scotland and this is the beginning. We are staying in a gorgeous room in the Old Course hotel resort and Spa. We are in St. Andrews. It's a university city and I love the fact that everything is so beautiful and that the people are so incredibly friendly. Today we even had the chance to witness a little bit of a traditional wedding. What I mean with that is that we walked by a church and there were men in their kilt waiting for the bride to arrive. She looked so beautiful and it was lovely to see how the men played bagpipe and the photos being taken. They looked very happy. At the moment I'm laying sick in my hotel bed with room service watching Red nose Day. I hope that I'll feel better tomorrow so I can come along with the rest and do some more sight seeing. :)  xx


  1. I would love to go to Scotland ! ; )


  2. cool photos