Thursday, 13 June 2013


If you follow my instagram or something else, you may already know. I did it! I graduated! I was massively sick to my stomach the whole day to wait for the phone call to arrive with the news. So I went to the gym this morning to clear my head and to take my mind of the whole phone call thing. Then I took a long shower, just to kill time, had lunch with my sister and mother and then placed all the phones beside me and tried to watch a movie, just to kill time. Then the phone rang at  2.33 pm exactly, I will never forget that moment, and I kind of stopped breathing. At least it felt like it, and the nervous feeling began to grow even more. Until my teacher told my that I was graduated without a doubt. All the stress was gone and my emotions got the best of me. I can't really describe the feeling, but it's really amazing. I worked five years to accomplice this and I just did it. It still feels really surreal to me now, but I think it'll sink in the upcoming days.

I really want to thank you for your sweet comments and support through the last month, because it's just always lovely to hear that and gives me a little more motivation.

Now the only thing left is graduation! So I must go shopping to find a beautiful dress. :)
Have a good day/night (it depends on where you are in the world). xx


  1. Jij ook gefeliciteerd!! En veel plezier met het zoeken naar een mooie jurk :D

  2. Gefeliciteerd Laurie! Leuke foto ook, nu lekker shoppen voor je jurk en genieten van je vakantie:)

  3. Wauw proficiat! Ik volg je nu!
    Ps: Misschien wil je meedoen met mijn winactie?