Tuesday, 18 June 2013


 Dear bloggers. I know that I said that I would post 'Paris part 2' yesterday, but I simply forgot.. My apologies. Well these our some photos from our second day in Paris. (I went to Paris with one of my friends for about five days) We woke up rather late and decided that we would have a day full of shopping. So we went to 'Rue de Rivoli' where you have the stores that you have literally everywhere in Europe. Like Zara, Mango, H&M etc. Then we went back to our hotel room to put our shopping bags away and went to the Opera. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the Opera, but it's absolutely beautiful and worth seeing when you plan on going to Paris. Then we had a late lunch and went back to our hotel to dress up for dinner. We walked a bit and had a light salad. Then after dinner my friend was pretty tired and wanted to go to bed, while I made myself ready for a late night walk through Paris. That's when I went to the Louvre. Personally I think that that's the most beautiful place in Paris at night. So I watched the sun go down, all the lovely chinese tourists taking pictures and other lovebirds just being together and that makes me really happy. Then I walked along the Seine on my way back to our hotel.
I will and I promise here by that I'll post 'Paris part 3' tomorrow morning.

Au revoir!