Friday, 13 September 2013


It's Friday the 13th today, also known as the day of misfortune. I haven't had any bad luck today, but who knows what's there to come right? The only bad luck I've been having all week is that I just don't have any inspiration for the blog. I really hope that it'll come back very soon, because it lasted long enough now. 
I came up with a solution though, I won't post anything this weekend and then next week I'll start again with more and better ideas hopefully. :) 

About the Chanel products in the posts. I saw all of them last week at Vogue Fashion Night Out and tried on the lipstick. Normally red lipstick makes me look a bit pale and therefor I never wear it, but this one doesn't so this product will be purchased soon I hope. If not I hope that someone will be kind enough to give it as a birthday present. :) Then skincare, I've been using Nivea for all my life and wanted to change products, the only problem is that I have a sensitive skin. I tried changing once before and that wasn't a success, because my head turned all red and it burned etc. Never again I thought. 
Hugs and Kisses!