Friday, 6 September 2013


Hello, good morning! Yesterday was Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam and a few other cities. It was the second edition in Amsterdam and from what I've seen it was a big success. Together, with one of my best friends, we walked to the front entrance of the Bijenkorf (a big department store here in the Netherlands) to have a celebrity welcome. 
Inside you could find stands everywhere with food and samples. You were able to get a henna tattoo, to have a little photo shoot with a professional photographer and there was a Tommy Hilfiger photo booth.

At the top floor they had 'Moam talks' where Karin Swerink (editor in chief, Vogue) Sabrina Meijer (, Claes Iversen (fashion designer), Frans Molenaar (couturier), Olcay Gulsen (Supertrash), Puck & Hans, Remco de Nijs and Sjaak Hullekes were interviewed. I think I sat there watching/listening for about two hours straight, because it was so interesting! 
They talked about the future for magazines or if the bloggers take over the market, if men in the Netherlands have some sort of fashion sense. If the clothes themselves are still relevant or if it is all about branding and marketing.

It's safe to say that I had an amazing night, I got to meet Olcay Gulsen and man o man I envy her so much! She is such an inspiration and a lovely lady. How you make something so successful out of literally nothing. I also talked to Puck of the duo Puck & Hans and she was quite funny. Before this evening I had never heard of them, but I looked them up online and they're legendary. If you want to know more about the duo you'd  have to look the up online as well, because I can go on and on about them but that would be a little boring and the post will be too long as well. 

When I got home I had so much energy and wanted to do something creative, read inspiring stories etc. So I hope that this evening will in some way help my creativity a bit and help me post more interesting posts for you. 

Hugs and Kisses!

I'm wearing shoes by Mango, blouse and shorts by Only, bag by Topshop and hat is by Bijenkorf


  1. Wauw! Klinkt inderdaad als een leuke avond!
    With love,


  2. Ik ken heel veel mensen die er heen zijn geweest. Ik heb spijt dat ik niet ben gegaan! :( Ziet er heel leuk uit

    1. Volgend jaar absoluut gaan! Het is echt de moeite waard! Thnx.

  3. Ik had er zo graag naartoe gewild, helaas is Groningen een beetje te ver weg, vooral als school de volgende ochtend om half negen weer begint.. ik hoop er ooit nog een keer bij te zijn!

    1. Ja dat snap ik. Volgend jaar anders een slaapplaats proberen te regelen en gaan, want het is echt de moeite waard.

  4. Ik baal er zo van dat ik niet ben geweest! Het is alleen zo'n roteind vanuit Leeuwarden, vooral als ik de volgende dag om half 9 moet beginnen :(



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  5. Het ziet er superleuk uit, jammer dat ik niet kon en ik heb het vorig jaar ook moeten missen :(
    Volgend jaar ben ik er sowieso bij!!

  6. Klinkt als een super avond!
    Wat leuk dat je de kans had met hen te praten (:

    Liefs, Liese