Sunday, 29 June 2014


Zara bomber and blouse / Levi shorts / Sasha boots
Morning peeps! Summer is fast approaching - It actually already is there -  and as much as I love the sunshine and blue skies I’m finding it difficult to give up my black wardrobe and winter boot collection. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and I love all that comes with it, from the daytime drinking to the late night barbecues and the festival season that literally has me on the edge of my seat! But what I cannot stand is the pressure that emerges and looms over the entirety of spring to prepare for summer, to get that 'Summer Body'. I think it is pretty obvious that girls obsess over weight and healthy food. I mean it literally is everywhere. The Dutch Vogue dedicated an entire issue to Body & Health. The problem is that not many girls know how to deal with it. Some stop eating, others keep eating everything and get obsessed with going to the gym and end up disappointed that they didn't get the result they wanted. 
But I think it's very easy. It's more of a mental challenge. The trick is to exercise on a regular basis and eat healthier. You're body can handle a lot more than you would think, though you have to be careful not to get injured while trying to get more fit. I've got a few tips to stay injured free.

1. Listen to your body
When you just started running or practicing a new kind of sport, it's important to not over egg the pudding. Start off light and easy. Progress will be made faster than you would think and you'll feel it. You'll want to go further, faster and more often. It just takes some time before your body gets on the same page as your mind.
So listen to your body. If you get aches, pains or cramps then change the way you're doing the exercise or stop doing it and take a rest.

2. Let it be
'But I want to run that contest in about a month! I'll recover after. My schedule has got no time to deal with injuries!' This is a thought that runs through many minds. You will have to let those ambitions go when you're dealing with an injury and make sure you recover. 

3. Look for an alternative
When you're not able to run, doesn't mean you won't be able to stay in shape. There a lots of different exercises that you will be able to do to be able to stay in shape. The two best known alternatives are swimming and cycling. 
Swimming requires a little more action, because you'll have to go to an actual pool, it takes some time and you'll need to learn the right technique. It is a great way to exercise your entire body with less gravity. 

Cycling is -certainly in the Netherlands- a very easy alternative. You'll be able to go anywhere by bike. Go with you're bike instead of your car or public transport. If that's not really an option then you can always go to the gym. 
The most important thing is that you have to continue exercising. 

4. There's always a next year
Listen to your body, don't let anything fool you and continue exercising. Sounds easy right? In theory it sure is, but turning it in reality is a lot harder than you might think. I write this from personal experience, but when you took that step, set this timeless goal and start to see some results than it'll get a lot easier to keep the good spirits up! 

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