Sunday, 31 August 2014


COS dress and dress sweater / Acne studios boots

Dark blue. It's not exactly colorful but for me this is very rare. The first thing my friend said when she saw me wearing something other than black was: "Blue, seriously? Are you ok?" There is literally no black item of clothing in this look. Maybe I'm going through my own sartorial revolution and subconsciously changing my unable-to-identify-style to something more Scandinavian inspired seeing I am getting more and more into the on the knee and shin length dresses and not really caring to impress someone, it's more in the purer form of self-expression in the sense that there is no explanation. In this look I stayed true to whatever I stand for and what I feel comfortable in, my dad would say "A simple plain bin bag with some boots.". 
However, I'm sticking to my plan of not buying anything irrelevant and prefer purchasing great quality. 

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