Monday, 27 July 2015


Three weeks (!!) ago we arrived in Valencia in this gorgeous, beautiful castle. At least that's the name we gave our home for the week. Not exactly our style, but it was homely and we loved it. As you may have noticed, the weather in The Netherlands isn't that warm and pleasant as it was a few weeks ago. Which means we're all sitting on our couches in our PJ's scrolling through old photos and every film Netflix has to offer. So on, I of course bumped into the uncountable amount of pictures we took during our stay in Spain. I miss it! No shit Sherlock So I'm already planning my next trip. In the first two weeks of August I'll be heading to Upton Bishop in the UK and Brussels in Belgium (both family visits). For now, I'm going to enjoy Channing Tatum dancing around in his undies and enjoy my lazy Sunday... 

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