Friday, 5 April 2013


The little black jacket - Chanel
Hihaaa it's Friday!! The end of the week, which makes me very happy, because last week was incredibly busy with school and other thing that had to be done. But it also means that the time left on school is less than before. It's now 21 days inclusive weekends until my last holiday. Which won't be a holiday, because then I have to study for my finals all the time. But of course I will make a bit of fun. Learning isn't everything. Sounds a bit depressing, but it absolutely isn't. It actually is very exiting, because a lot will be happening in the upcoming months.

Then for this weekend. Today I have a few hours school. Right after that I'm going to help one of my friends with painting her new room! :) Very exiting! Then I have to babysit for a few hours and then to end the day I'll be out for a few drinks with some friends. Saturday morning I'll be painting as well, in the afternoon I'll be going to Amsterdam for the open day of the 'Academie Artemis'. That's a school for allround styling. Sunday will be all about school. Have a nice weekend bloggers! xx

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