Thursday, 16 May 2013


Since I'm going to be in Paris in less than a month, I was looking for some tips in little guides, books and on the internet. So I found a few tips from real Parisians, let me share them with you all.
I'm going to stay in a hotel called 'Tiquetonne hotel'. If you click on the name, you'll go to the site of the hotel. The trip will be five days full of Paris culture, food and shopping with one of my best friends. And I'm incredibly exiting! Have a good day everyone. I'm back to studying today. xx

Fondation Cartier
The perfect place for art freaks. At the moment (and through to September) they have an exhibition of Ron Mueck’s amazing hyperrealistic sculptures.
Unique shopping
Admittedly, it’s not your average shop, but it’s definitely cool.This shop (Rue du Bac 46) is full of taxidermy animals!
A restaurant and wine seller close to Fred Hotel. You might want to book in advance, it’s the #1 restaurant on Tripadvisor. Van tevoren
A luxury and unique dining experience on a Michelin-worthy level. You can choose to have a 4-, 6- or 8-course meal, but you’ll have to book in advance.
Cantine du Troquet
A no nonsense bistro, perfect in case you don’t feel like pompous luxury and are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.
A bar with a garden, mostly famous for the concerts they put on at night. Great place to end the night and party. Check out what’s playing over here.
Le Caféothèque
Tea- and coffee lovers, pay attention: you can not miss this place. Beautifully romantic, with countless kinds of tea and you can try and of course take home. More info here.
A lovely museum and a lovely place to have a cup of tea. More information can be found over here.


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