Monday, 1 July 2013


Blazer/Zara, Shirt/Jaqueline de Yong, Jeans/Mango, Shoes/Sacha
Goodmorning bloggers! I looked in my diary this morning and noticed that it's already July. The time does really fly. Just to look back on what I've done in the last few months.. Some big moments in my life so far.. Today's a busy day, which is good. I'm going to finish every single detail for the party I'm hosting this Thursday in honor of my graduation for all of my friends. Today I'm wearing my favorite blazer with my new shirt, new boots and my jeans who are slightly too big, but that makes them very comfortable. Have a good day everyone. :)

Just a reminder for everyone, Google reader stopped existing.. No need to cry, because we've got Bloglovin :) You can click here and you'll be directed to my Bloglovin page where you just have to click on the 'Follow' button.