Monday, 30 September 2013


Sweater/Forever21, Skirt/Monki, Shoes/Zara, Accessoires/Vintage, Lipstick/Chanel
Good morning!

Today it's the last day of September and it's crazy how fast the time goes by! Sometimes you just don't realize it, but it's just three months left in the year 2013. I sat in the train back home looking out of the window just thinking about life and what I've reached this year and where I travelled to and it's quite a lot. But because everything is going so fast and we are all going, going and going you forget it.
Now that I have to travel an hour everyday by train I do a lot of thinking. And last week it was pouring rain, very cold, everybody was getting sick and depressed. That always makes me complain about a lot of things in life, so I made a little list of the main things.

1. Wishing I had bought a coat with a hood on time, so I wouldn't look like a drowned cat every single time I went outside.
2. Wishing that chapped lips didn't exist.
3. Wondering why my phone doesn't recharge itself every time it's dead (because it's always dead)
4. Wrapping yourself in wollen items when you go to sleep, because your cold. Then in the middle of the night you're overheated and you strip yourself down to your underwear just so wake up cold again..
5. Allowing myself to eating now that all the baggy jumpers and big coats are back.

Hugs and Kisses!


  1. Leuke outfit! En punt 2 en 5, heel herkenbaar

  2. Leuke items en hele herkenbare punten!

  3. cute outfit!
    love your blog so much, it's so beautiful!

    kisses laura xxx

  4. Leuke post dit! En zo herkenbaar die 5 punten
    With love,

    n e w b l o g |

  5. Haha leuke post! Mooie schoenen ook! :)