Sunday, 29 September 2013


Hello Bloggers! It's autumn now, my favorite season of the year. Not because it's my birthday in this season, but because it means we get to change our entire wardrobes and we get to layer again. (I love that)  I haven't posted something for almost a week now, because last weekend I got a little bit sick a therefor I wasn't really in the mode to blog.

It was my birthday last Friday, The Big Seventeen! And like every year I'm sick on my birthday, but because I'm not the person that likes to be sick, lay in bed all day and do nothing, I went out partying with my friends in Amsterdam and had a brilliant time.
I got a lot of lovely presents and wanted to show you some (others will follow). The first one is a Zara gift card (you can never go wrong with that) and on the other photo you can see a scarf by Monki. Lately I've been loving Monki a lot and I purchased some items as well. I'll show you those later this week.

Hugs and Kisses!