Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I have literally been laying on the floor for about half an hour just to make a photo of the cookbooks. All together I think I took over one hundred photos. The second photo is another one from last week, when I made everything black and white. 
This Friday Vogue hosts a one-time-only special event to celebrate 20 years of Viktor & Rolf. So I'm going to go with one of my friends and I'm very exited. After that event I'm going to go into Amsterdam to shoot some great places. I hope you all enjoy your day.

Hugs and Kisses!


  1. Wat fijn om zoveel kookboeken te hebben! Ik ben trouwens je nieuwste volger. XO

    p.s. op mijn blog valt €25,- shop tegoed te winnen! klik hier!

  2. ben gek op koken en heb zelf ook veel kook boeken ahahh