Friday, 11 October 2013


Good morning everyone!

I woke up quite early this morning to attend this small event Vogue hosted to celebrate 20 years of Viktor & Rolf. You know when you get dressed, you wash your hair, blow dry it and then walk outside and the first thing you notice it that it's pouring rain. You curse everything and everyone around you, because you just managed to style your hair just the way you liked it and now the rain's going to screw that up. (I'm sorry for the language but there's just no other word to describe that feeling)
So we took the tram instead of walking (which was our plan, just to get some morning exercise and actually wake up) and waited in the rain for the event to start.

Now I make it sound like it was no fun at all but it was quite the opposite. I mean I now have Vogue's special edition and I got to meet Viktor & Rolf and editor in chief of Dutch Vogue, Karin Swerink. Personally I was a bit surprised that the outcome wasn't that big, which actually was really pleasant. There wasn't much drama, cat fights or screaming girls. The only time I felt some arms and legs poking in my back was when we had to wait in line to get the special edition signed by Viktor & Rolf and editor in chief of the Dutch Vogue, Karin Swerink.

At these kind of event there are always so many different personalities. Young and older women, some very extravagant dressed others simpler. It makes me happy and gives me a lot of energy.

Tomorrow Hannah and I are going to make some outfit photos again. Unfortunately the weather is really bad lately, so I hope we're able to shoot some great photos.

Hugs and Kisses!

All photos by me


  1. Hier had ik ook graag heen gewild! XO

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  2. It was a lovely morning with you my dear! :)

  3. looks like a great event!