Sunday, 13 October 2013


Good Morning on this lovely Sunday everyone!

So there are a lot of different things people do on Sunday mornings. People go to church, they like to sleep in, have breakfast in bed, watch series in their bed or they go for a workout. (That also pretty much sums it up for me)
Or the lucky ones among us, they will spend the Sunday morning with their lover or sweet family in bed, like they always do in the movies. Although everyone knows that's never how it goes. (Maybe once or twice)
For me that changes every single Sunday and it depends on the events that are planned by my family, friends or school. 

This Sunday I decided to work out a bit with one of my best friends and after that I'm going to lock myself up in a room and just study the whole day long, since the first exams are this Wednesday and Thursday. I'm extremely nervous and afraid that I'm going to fail. Though I know that being nervous and afraid isn't going to help me at all, so let's stay very optimistic. :)

To everyone who has to study, good luck! And enjoy your day. 

Hugs and Kisses!


Photos by Hannah Adams