Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hello there! 

Well as you might know, I don’t wear a lot of make-up. It’s not that I think it isn't beautiful, the reason is that I’m the biggest klutz when it comes to beauty or make-up. Also this is the very first 'beauty post' I've written. 
I’m always asking my friends, mom, shop assistant (who always looks very annoyed when I ask) and I read blogs and magazines for help.
(They’re also my source to even be able to write a post about beauty)

So here are the tips that are very important for me and I think every girl should know them.

1. Before bed routine Always make sure you go to sleep without any make-up on your face. This way you prevent any spots on your face. First use a make-up remover for your foundation, eyeliner, mascara etc. Especially when you live or work in a big city the air is extremely dirty and you’re exposed to that air everytime you’re outside. So cleaning the face is very important. Personally I don't use any night cream. 

2. Soap - You know when watching commercials they always tell you to start your day by washing yourself with their good smelling soap every morning? That's the worse advice you can be given. The thing is that you out dry your skin by washing it with soap everyday. Especially in this ice cold winter weather this can be a killer. Of course you're allowed to wash yourself with soap just a few times a week. (This is cheaper and you get to spoil yourself a bit)

3. Creams - Because I'm an incredibly lazy person with using beauty products and make-up, I have a cream for the face, body and hands all in just one jar. 
I don't rub my whole body with this cream every single day nor do I do that every week, because that simply takes too much time. But I do use the cream every morning after I showered. It's a good basic before you apply any make-up and it makes sure I don't have any dry places on my face. 
Tip: before you go to sleep, apply a thick layer of cream (doesn't matter if it's a day or night cream) on your lashes and eyelids and go to sleep with that. That way you create a fifties kind of look, which I personally really like

I hope this was a bit useful and if you got any other tips, please tell me!!

Hugs and Kisses!


  1. Handig! XO

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  2. hoi, leuke tips!! leuke blog
    kijk eens naar onze blog, misschien volgen?

  3. Hee, super leuke foto! <3
    En blog trouwens!