Monday, 21 October 2013


Hello there ! I didn't update the blog the last few days due to family issues, my apologies. 
Our coats are going to be our best friend in the upcoming months. The only problem I always have is that when you find that perfect coat, the one that's going to keep you warm the whole time when you enter the cold outside world and makes you look stylish in one,  you're intensively happy and you can't wait to be able to wear the coat. Then when it gets cold, the coat that promised to be your best friend through those cold and rough times, turned out not to be as warm as it promised to be. You already bought the coat and don't have any money left to buy an actual warm coat and you'll be cold walking around with the red nose reindeer nose begging not to get sick.
So my advice to all of you, make sure you purchase a coat that looks great and one that keeps the promise. (Parka's always keep their promises!! - I purchased one by Moscow last year)
I selected a few coats that look great and are perfect for in between the seasons but that won't keep you warm during the winter. 

Hugs and Kisses!



  1. Ze zijn allemaal heel mooi! Ik heb er net 2 besteld, hopelijk zit er eentje bij die tenminste ├ęcht warm is!

    1. Leuk! Ja ik hoop het ook, je moet maar even kijken van wat voor een materiaal de jas gemaakt is. :)