Monday, 4 November 2013


SALE - The sale is a tricky thing. Everyone has a street nearby where all the great shops are based. Picture this; Your walking through this particular street with all these lovely stores, that have items you want your whole closet to be filled with, and the moment you walk into that particular street you set yourself the goal to not buy anything. Your walking, walking and walking and on almost every display window there are signs of sale in big bright letters. That short word consisting of just four letters that makes peoples brain do some very strange things. It stands for lower prices and you're able to purchase more for the same amount of money. That's a thing for dutch people (at least that what all foreign countries tell us) and certainly for students, we are greedy. Us Dutch people want to buy everything for as little as possible and the sale makes that possible. Alright we're wandering off, back to the imagine I started picturing.
Most of us just can't resist the feeling you get and that signal your brain gives you by just seeing the sale sign. It almost makes you go unconscious and your body acts on instinct. There you go, you walk into that story straight to the sale department, because I don't really know why. 

HOW I SHOP - When I walk into a store, you start scanning all the clothes and you see this item you really like and just to prevent to hurt yourself or your bank account, you check the price tag to see if your actually allowed to like/love the item. When my answers to all of these points are a yes, I buy the item. 
One big tip: If your doubting weather you should buy this item or not, don't buy it! You're not going to wear this and eventually regret purchasing the item.

Hugs and Kisses! 

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