Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Getting dressed in the morning can be very difficult. - Especially when you're tired, it's dark outside or you're feeling like a walking/living dead body -  I think we all have this problem more than once in our lives. My main problem is that I'm incredibly indecisive and messy, which results in a big pile of clothes on my bed, the floor and desk, basically the entire room. You when you dress yourself, take a look in the mirror and you're not satisfied... That results in a whole morning dressing and undressing with only more dissatisfying outfits and eventually you'll end up in your first.
Basically a more organized person will never ever have this problem, because an organized person would probably pick their outfit the night before. (-Believe me, I've tried that but then in the morning I wouldn't be feeling like wearing that..) And that also goes into everything I stand for, like being spontaneous and impulsive..
However, believe it or not, this chaos on my bed, floor and basically whole room had managed to become a certain routine and lately I'm able to get dressed in time and manage to not miss my train almost every morning!

HERE IT IS: (my guide to getting dressed)

1. In shower/bath/over the sink/in bed (suit yourself) take your time to imagine your day. What's it going to be like? Cleaning the entire house/ your stuck behind your desk because you have to get that letter done by tomorrow/potentially running into your ex or maybe your lover?

2. Is the outfit clean? - Does it smell? - Food spots?

3. Try to actually find the items

4. Put it on and never ever (!!) forget to look into a mirror! (An outfit might look different than you expected. Lost/gained weight / died your hair..)

5. Do the clothes fit properly? Will you be able to scale the stairs without flashing someone or falling down? Are you able to walk in those shoes? Do you look like an idiot that used too much mushrooms or an old lady who shouldn't been seen outside.. (All crucial points!) If so go back to stage 1.

Photo by Hannah Adams


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