Thursday, 5 December 2013


Hello there! 
So it's Christmas is coming!! *Inhales sharply*
So, you've got more loved ones than numbers in your bank account and maybe you're panicking a little, here are a couple of my tips to survive and simultaneously make your cousin/mother/best friend/hairdresser light up like the Christmas tree you haven't actually had time to buy/decorate yet.

1) Personal: While it's important (and helpful) to keep in mind what you like when buying for others, try to step outside of that as much as you can. Think about a specific thing your loved one likes, do they love animals? bright colors? do they need bits and bobs for a new apartment? It's gifts that seem to come from the heart that mean the most, and taking into account the little details that make someone who they are is an excellent thing to wonder when you're heading to the till.

2) Cheap and cheerful: So you've got €20 to spend on a friend/boyfriend/cat and you know you can't get a whole lot for that (without running to the deathly hallows of Primark...please don't). I know that I prefer to open lots of little gifts as opposed to one medium thing, so go on the hunt for a couple little bits and bobs to pop in a pretty Christmas themed box. Fill said box with sweets and tissue paper as well as maybe a pair of cute socks and little coin purse and voila! More for less without breaking the bank.

3) Plan: While a little box filled with smaller treats is a great gift for anyone, sometimes you want to go the extra mile and splurge on something a little more expensive like a mini Polaroid camera, or shoes for a loved one that you really love. I always think about how much I want to spend on each person beforehand to avoid overspending on one person and not leaving enough for the next.

Photos by Hannah Adams

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