Sunday, 19 January 2014


Morning everyone! 
I've always been the black kinda girl. You know, black boots, jeans, shirts, bags, notebooks, mascara, nail polish etc. I don't wear a entire white outfit much, it's always black - easy and simple. One of my friends told me that she would probably never see me in an entire white outfit (which is probably true),  that might change after I saw the new arrivals at Acne Studios and the new spring collection at Zara. 
Light blue, white and more light colors. Ladies, we need to go tanning if we don't want to look pale this summer or travel to some sunny resort. (You won't hear me complain) Perhaps this year is full of changes, for my closet as well, which might have some white influence this spring/summer. 
Unfortunately I won't be able to buy the whole collection from Acne Studios as much as I want to, but I'll be saving for some items and buy similar items at Zara. :)

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