Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hello you all! It's bizarre how quick the time goes! At certain days I wake up, see the morning light dark, check my diary and realise that it's February already! I mean, I can still remember New Year's eve like it was yesterday and so many more things I did last year. Time seems to go by faster as we get older. 
Back to the head of this post, black is back. No not particularly in fashion, but in my outfit and closet. It actually has never left. 
Black is the color that goes with everything, it is flattering to wear, hides a multitude of sins and is the best plan-B color. No wardrobe is complete without a little black dress (to be honest I still don't own one)  a pair of black jeans or a black blazer. But the most important thing for me about this color that it has been my savior for a long time now. Every time I sleep through my alarm clock, I'm late and need to get out of my house as fast a possible it helps me dress as quick as I can. Or whenever I'm not feeling well, when I don't know what to wear or just don't feel like dressing myself, I go for a black outfit. 
Of course it the color doesn't change lives, but it does make life a lot easier. Just look around when walking downtown or in school, you'll see the color literally everywhere. In one city/place more than others, but it is always around. 


Photos by Charlotte Brugman

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