Tuesday, 18 February 2014


You probably all know how a blue Monday feels. When you wake up and you still look tired, your hair isn't working with you and you have a bad skin? My Monday was exactly that.
Then you probably also know how a common Friday feels. You're tired, happy it's the last day of the "working" week and exited for the night, because you're going to spend it with your friends. It's not Monday or Friday, because today it's Tuesday.
And today I feel tired and I want it to be Friday already. Unfortunately I have to wait a few more days so I can lay in bed all day long with series and lots of food. (Probably won't happen, because there is so much to do..)
So for now coffee will have to be my new best friend and that would be a better friendship if it wasn't so expensive. (One cup of coffee isn't that expensive, but when you drink 3 cups a day it is...)
I'm sorry for the whining you lovely readers, tomorrow will be a better day. 


Photos by Charlotte Brugman

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