Friday, 21 March 2014


Yesterday I made myself this fantastic lunch. I decided to share this with you just because I thought it looks delicious.
Mozzarella, balsamico and basilicum are the key to a power lunch in my opinion.
It's easy to make and incredibly tasty. In order to make this incredibly tasty meal you'll need five minutes and the following ingredients:

Spelled bread

You have to cut the mozzarella in slices, put them on the sliced of bread, pour a little balsamic over the mozzarella (not too much, because it's quite expensive) and add a few leaves basil on top and Bob's your Uncle.

If you would like to do this the biological way, you can! 
You would have to plant a basil plant in your garden or in a pot on your balcony / window pane. Or you can of course buy a biological plant at the supermarket.
Purchase your bread at a artisan bakery, it's much more nutritious and actually more delicious ! :)

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