Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I don't know what it is lately, but suddenly I'm the master of waking up early! For example this morning 05.34!!?? The positive side of the story is that I get to see the sun come up and not be late - for once - and avoid people staring at me like I'm a unicorn or a dead bird when I get on the train in the morning, but it really is so not me! My parents and siblings give me weird looks when I get down before 8 am and I actually listen to Dev on BBC radio 1 when normally the breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw is on..
There's a negative side to it as well, in the evenings I'm really tired, well duh…, and I do have to get into my bed earlier than I'm used to.
Enough of my whining, there will be an outfit post online later this week. So stay tuned! :) 
Have a good day pals! 

(I took this photo yesterday morning)

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