Thursday, 19 June 2014


Zara bag and slippers (similar bag here) (here)   / Topshop blouse / H&M trousers (here)

I'm standing in my closet, admiring all these pretty items I collected over the last few years and wondering what I the next purchase will be. To be honest I never come up with just one item. It never is something I necessarily need, sometimes it's because I just want to go shopping and need a reason to go, or it's because I think it's time to replace a certain item for a new / better version, but it can also be the item that I have been needing for a very long time now but never went out to purchase it or I just never found the right fit. 
Maybe that it way online shopping sometimes is the best way to save money, because it's easier to just put the items that you need in the basket without adding pretty dresses and that brilliant pair of trousers. 
My mother and some of my friend often hint that it might be time to add some actual color to my closet other than blue (because that's as colorful as it gets). But I don't know if that will ever happen, but who knows. If I happen to run into something that has my name written all over it and it has an actual color than I will probably have no doubt and will purchase it. 

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