Monday, 18 August 2014


Acne -Donna- boots

Finally! I did not have the intention of purchasing them that day, hell I couldn't even afford them. They had been a pair of so many in my shoe closet in heaven for years until I literally bumped into them. It was an afternoon that I spend with my cousin in the warehouse and we could absolutely not leave before we had a look around the shoe department. The majority of the sands filled with shoes were neither interesting nor exiting and as I was about to leave I took one last turn... and there they were... Donna said hi in her beige tanned skin, she was still is so pretty and I just could not resist her, so I greeted her. Her perfect soft stitched skin and beautiful wooden heel, even her bottom was soft! Then she surprised me when she showed me her green sticker, 70% off! I had a confessions of a shopaholic moment as I tried them on and tried to figure out her reduced price and how much she was going to hurt my bankaccount's feelings not to mention my dad's face. On the other hand, she would make me confident, taller, thinner, more poised and she would be an investment. Those pro's weighed much heavier than the con's, so the decision was easily made. I swiped my cart through the machine and Donna belonged to me. Who said you can't buy love? 

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