Thursday, 14 August 2014


Topshop skirt, underwear and shirt / WANG backpack / Acne studios bracelets, belt, scarf, glasses and gloves / COS boots / Zara iPhone case / Larsson & Jenning watch / Burberry lipgloss

Copenhagen fashion week just ended, the September issues are in stores and clothing stores have started to sell their fall/winter 2014 collections. The whole shazam. So I thought what better time than now to create a board with several items from different brands that I currently happen to have a secret addiction for. 

About two weeks ago I vowed to not spent every cent I have on clothes and be more responsible with my funds. In order to actually make this happen I made a list of items that I am allowed to purchase, because buying clothes is just inevitable. 

- A leather jacket (faux leather doesn't count)
- A dress for my 18th birthday paired with shoes
- Black boots 
- A black sweater that in fact is capable of keeping me warm during winter
- Underwear (a girls right to underwear should never been taken)
- A pair of sneakers
- Gloves and a hat 

Now this shouldn't be too hard, right?...

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