Thursday, 16 October 2014


Having you're ears pierced is like opening a roll of Oreos or watching a new episode of Girls. Once you start you can NOT stop. I've always had a thing for dainty ear decorations anyway; they're subtile, sweet and can add a little edge without being permanent. So when I started with my first ever piercing in February this year my inner rebel showed up. I started my search for more and every possible piercing you could have in your ear. To be honest, I'm already thinking of piercing a fifth one, but something inside me tells me that my father will not be as pleased as I will be when done. On the other hand, it is not permanent and maybe I'll die soon so why not? My ears are aching for some more subtile and sweet silverware, all I need now is a great excuse to actually get it done. 

Photo by Carolijn Hooij

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