Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hello ! It's the first of September already and god this year is flying by. I have achieved lots of things this year so far, traveled to amazing places and I'm still not done doing that. Tomorrow my school really starts, so I might be uploading posts later in the day than I did before. That will depend on what my day will look like. I hope you understand that. 
I thought that it would be a good idea to start this month with a new inspiration and the items that hopefully will be joining my closet any time soon. The items are all black again, I know, but it is a color I do like to wear and a color that's easy to combine. Enjoy your Sunday even though it's not that sunny ! (That's a bad joke.. haha)

All items are by Zara


  1. Die jas is prachtig! (En lijkt stiekem wel een beetje op mijn winterjas haha)

  2. Gave jas en hele gave schoentjes!

  3. Hele leuke items zo bij elkaar. Ik draag zelf vaak zwart in combinatie met iets wat kleur heeft, zwart is echt zo'n heerlijke kleur waar álles op kan.

    1. Ja precies! Of op van die dagen dat je echt geen idee hebt wat je aan moet, zit je met zwart altijd goed. :)