Tuesday, 19 November 2013


You know those mornings that when the alarm clock goes off, you have to wake up but you feel complete broken, you have a sore throat, sore eyes, you feel cold, it's way to early and you just want to turn over en sleep again. 
The world outside your bed is dark and cold and the shower is to far away, so it makes absolutely no sense if you get out of your bed. This is how snoozing starts and every single time the snooze goes off you just want to throw your alarm clock through either the window or the room. 
This is why I want to be an morning and an evening person in one. Unfortunately someone decided that that wasn't something for me...

Yesterday I decided to stay home and in bed, simply because I felt sick and wanted to spend my day cuddling in a cozy and fluffy blanket with my woolen socks and warm sweater with a big cup of tea without having to think about school. Different kind of films like High School Musical, the Notebook, Bambi, Love Actually and series like the Carrie diaries, Revenge, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Glee. 

This morning started great  bad.. I turned off my alarm clock in my sleep, so I managed to oversleep with the consequence I missed my first class. I couldn't find the blowdryer, so now I'm walking around with wet hair and a cold head, which also makes my body cold... Maybe I shouldn't have washed my hair after all.. Right now I'm walking around with tired eyes and in a sweater that is way to big. Maybe I should just go for an disguise, a wig, a hat and some sunglasses. 
So much for an irregular schedule, weather changes and my not so warm coat after all..

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