Sunday, 12 January 2014


Hello to you on the second Sunday morning of this year everyone!
This is probably the last time I can actually write or say someting like that. It’s funny because every single january I have a hard time writing down the dates, especially the year. I’ll probably have this difficulty for another three weeks and then hopefully it’ll be over.

About a week ago someone asked me who my fashion icons were and what inspirered me, to be honest I didn’t really have an answer. So I started thinking about it and realised that I’m inspired by so many different things. For example streetstyle –obviously-, my aunt and my mom, pinterest, other bloggers, Swedish interior, London and the little things you notice everywhere and nowhere. It can be a book cover or a quote, the weird things really.

Then the next question was what kind of a girl I am and what my style is.
There you go again, silence.. I don’t think that I can describe my style, because it literally changes all the time. I do love simplicity and a minimalistic style, simply because I’m too lazy to put a huge effort in dressing myself in the morning, events or parties excluded.
At times I’ll be a girly girl (happend snot very often though) and I guess I’m always a bit classic and often go for items that are black and white.
Back to the question, my style is minimalistic, simple, comfortable, rock chic, classic and masculine.
What kind of a girl am I regarding the title of this post? Judging by my amount of accessories and closet I think I’m more a minimalistic girl. 


Photos by Willemijn van Deventer

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