Friday, 10 January 2014


You know those days when you don't have any obligations and you wake up and actually are able to stay in bed a little longer but time wise it's way more responsible if you just get up and do what you've been delaying for some time now?
Well this morning it was one of them. Homework, little things you have to take care of, make the bed, clean the room etc. Unfortunately I choose to stay in bed for an hour and a half longer with a big cup of tea and a movie, which was pretty nice actually. :) (Now I will have to stay up late to actually finish doing all my tasks, which will make me want to stay in bed longer tomorrow morning as well..)

Yesterday I announced that I was going to write a little more about resolution. I made some resolutions that have nothing to do with food or living healthy in general but regarding my bank account and shopping. 

1. I will top up my fashion history with these swoon worthy books

2. I will invest in an essential investment piece

3. I will dare to wear the new statement shoe (- or maybe not)

4. I will brush up on my fashion terminology and embrace the pyjono

5. I will stop impulsively shopping

Now I have to keep these resolutions and it's going to be a lot easier than staying away from the chocolate ..

(they're in sale)

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